Awilda on a drift

Fire boat Tripitaka, Copenhagen, July 2016

“Awilda on a drift” was a performance and exhibition by Laura Põld & Johna Hansen. In the course of the performance boiled eggs were prepared and served to the boat guests. The collaborative piece was developed during a two-week residency together on the fireboat Tripitaka where Johna was living throughout the year at that time. Johna Hansen and Laura Põld spent time on the boat eating, reading, talking, sleeping and working with wood and clay. The story of Awilda the Scandinavian pirate was one of those that they found at the small library on the boat. The adventures of the rebellious woman and other bits of literature on sailing found their way to their thinking. Why eggs? The given food is said to be one of the safest foods to be eaten without the fear of being poisoned at sea.