Beautiful Necessity

ARS Showroom, Tallinn, Estonia
January 10 – March 6, 2020

The slowly constructed installation inside the small ARS Showroom gallery can be viewed as Laura Põld’s and Eva Volmerson’s conceptual and meditative exercise, a conversation through materials and objects. The multi-layered work grew slowly over a ten day period inside that cold, hibernal showcase-like room.

The title “Beautiful Necessity” has been borrowed from Kay Turner’s research that focuses on describing domestic altars combined by women all over the world. According to the illustrations in Turner’s book, erecting private altars seemed to be very familiar, resembling an artist’s research process driven by self-trust and desire to build bridges leading to other people. The theoretical guide behind the current exposition lies in the texts by philosopher and eco-materialist Jane Bennett who has been writing on nature, ethics and objects outside narrow human experience.

Photos by Sten Saarits