To Mold, to Hold. Currents in Estonian Ceramics

ARS project space, Tallinn.
Curated by Kati Saarits, Raili Keiv, Laura Põld
19.08. – 14.09.2023
To mold, To hold. Currents in Estonian ceramics included a selection of ceramic works by prominent artists of the last century and contemporary artists and designers, works from the collections of the Estonian Artists Association and the Estonian Museum of Applied Arts and Design, as well as from contemporary artists, is accompanied by Kati Saarits’ diary-like snapshots of publications from the second half of the last century on ceramic art and binders compiled by Leo Rohlin, both from the ETDM archive.
The exhibition also included a revised version of Raili Keiv’s table installation from the exhibition ‘ROOM’ at the Estonian Museum of Applied Arts and Design, which highlighted the ceramicists who made their mark in Estonian ceramic companies in the 1960s and 1980s, as well as some more recent outstanding finds.
The exhibition was part of the 100th anniversary of the ceramics department of Estonian Academy of Arts.
Participating artists: Anu Rank Soans, Ingrid Allik, Leo Rohlin, Velda Soidla, Anne Keek, Laine Sisa, Henriette Tugi Nuusberg, Annika Teder, Haidi Ratas, Tiina Lõhmus, Viive Väljaots, Helle Videvik, Juss Heinsalu, Kris Lemsalu, Mai Järmut, Helene Kuma, Urmas Puhkan, Lauri Kilusk, Laura Põld, Luule Kormašova, Naima Uustalu, Raili Keiv, Mariana Laan, Ene Raud and a selection of EKA student projects.

Exhibition design: Kadri Villand
Graphic design: Jaan Evart

Photos by Albert Kerstna