Common Threads, Polar Bear and Elephant

Kogo gallery, Tartu. 25.11.2022 – 28.01.2023

Laura Põld with Andres Tolts. Common Threads, Polar Bear and Elephant.

Curated by Šelda Puķīte


Šelda Puķīte: “…Taking Kogo Gallery’s space and Andres Tolts’ creative heritage as the main inspiration, in the exhibition Common Threads, Polar Bear and Elephant, Laura Põld continues to explore the possibilities of a constructed multiverse. Thinking about the apartment that the late artist lived in with his wife Mare Vint, which was decorated with both artists’ work, Laura Põld imagines this interior as a collage. She constructs the new series of works as if they could be a natural extension of Andres Tolts’ paintings inhabiting the room. Metal constructions, threads and colourful tufted carpets shapeshift into certain objects found in the cityscape yet never truly becoming something concrete. In a way it can be viewed as a reference to Andres Tolts’ interest in anti-design and architecture concepts coming from the 20th century, creating an illusion of space yet keeping ideas and forms in a fluid stage.

The exhibition is part of this year’s Kogo programme, which is introduced under the title Past is the Present, as a kind of ‘vibe’ using this poetic and semantically playful phrase to describe how time as a vehicle transports certain events and experiences from past to present. The exhibition by Laura Põld and Andres Tolts can be viewed as a celebration of Estonian art heritage that together with global influences continues to propel new generation artists forward. It also shows how art and art history coexist in a nonlinear time frame, constantly overlapping and communicating with each other in different exciting forms.”


Photos by Marje Eelma