Laura Põld x Kunda Cement Museum

Kunda Cement Museum, Kunda, Estonia
June 15 – Sept. 30 2018

A residency Kunda and interventions at Kunda Cement Museum were part of the exhibition series “Artists in Collections”, including 10 Estonian artists. The ambitious project was curated by Maarin Ektermann and Mary-Ann Talvistu. Laura Põld built an alternative path inside the permanent exhibition at Kunda Cement Museum. The latter familiarizes visitors with how cement was invented and first put to use, the process of manufacturing it and the history of Kunda cement factory. Põld told a story of the town, its natural resources and manufacturing history, but in a more abstract and poetic manner.

The history of the town of Kunda is completely intertwined with cement manufacturing, from the entrepreneurial manor owner John Karl Girard de Soucanton (1826–1896), commonly known as Suka Anton, to the modern AS Kunda Nordic Cement factory today, praised by both its employees as well as townspeople. The days when grey dust covered Kunda are in the past and the town’s various formations make for an exciting exploration for both local as well as foreign tourists.

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Photos by Mari-Leen Kiipli