Laura Põld’s work deals with situated and subjective sense of territory and place. She seeks to combine specific histories or qualities of a given location with her materially sensitive work. She prefers to practice within the domain of traditional artistic mediums such as clay and ceramic sculpture, textile, wood and painting, weaving them together with natural, context-specific and interdisciplinary elements, often engaging also in various collaborative endeavours.

One of her first exhibitions combining different mediums and representing landscapes was “Attempt to Stage a Landscape” in Tallinn Art Hall gallery (2013), which concentrated on peripheral areas – thicket or nature contaminated by humans. At her most extensive personal exhibition yet “Hundreds of Illusions Charted as Land” in Tartu Art Museum (2016), Põld opened the locus of points to her sense of world, which made possible for the viewers to simultaneously be in the forest of pine trees, on a jetty, on the edge of salty waters, around the hills, in a palace’s courtyard. Mixing together different time and room experiences from Estonia, Austria and Japan, she exhibited ceramics fired in the raku-technique, painting-sculptures, whose surfaces induced shifts in perspective and installations with marble-effect.

Among other things, Põld’s work originates from cultural rituals. For example, she has focused on the customs of serving food or hosting guest in collaboration with artist and architect Johna Hansen. Their duo projects include exhibitions such as “Sense of Place” (2016) in Tallinn Art Hall gallery, “Serving Makes Place”(2016) at Gallery Maebashi Works in Japan and an interactive-performance “Guest” (2017) that was held in the framework of Structured Frustrations” at CC. art space in Isfahan. In her latest work, she focuses on the choice of materials and their historical context, implementing traditional handcraft techniques like primitive ceramics and embroidery, which interests her as a preservation of memory and practice.

Laura Põld studied ceramics at the Estonian Academy of Arts, painting at the University of Tartu and sculptural conceptions and ceramics at the University of Art and Design Linz. She has been awarded with a number of prizes and scholarships like the Eduard Wiiralt scholarship (2008), Ado Vabbe scholarship (2013), annual prize of The Cultural Endowment of Estonia (2014), Köler Prize grand prix (2016) and grand prize of The Cultural Endowment of Estonia (2018). Laura Põld is based in Tallinn and Vienna.