Laura Põld and Hundreds of Illusions Charted As Land


Solo exhibition catalogue “Laura Põld and Hundreds of Illusions Charted As Land”.

This publication accompanies the personal exhibition of Laura Põld titled «Laura Põld and Hundreds of Illusions Charted As Land» at Tartu Art Museum 14.01.2016-20.03.2016.
The book summarizes the artist’s previous work as well as opens new aspects in the exhibition. Authors Post Brothers, Liisa Kaljula and Peeter Talvistu observe both the abstractness in Põld’s work, the importance of the studio for nomadic artists and backgrounds of the artist’s world-creation. Laura Põld expresses her thoughts in interviews with Kristel Schwede, Hirohisa Koike and Gerald Zahn, in brief introductions to the included exhibitions and in artistic texts. In addition to the views of the latest exhibition photographed by Anu Vahtra, the rich illustrative material covers almost the entire previous work of Põld.

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Title: Laura Põld ja Sada ulma keset merd / Laura Põld and Hundreds of Illusions Charted As Land
Authors: Rael Artel, Post Brothers, Liisa Kaljula, Laura Põld, Peeter Talvistu
Graphic Design: Tuuli Aule
Photos: Marje Eelma, Paul Kuimet, Ikumo Motosugi, Laura Põld, Peeter Sirge, Rudolf Strobl, Tõnu Tamm, Anu Vahtra, Jürgen Voolaid
ISBN: 9789949951796
Published: 2016
Languages: Estonian/English
Pages: 262
Dimensions: 320x240x21 mm
Translators: Laura Põld, Peeter Talvistu
Publisher: Tartu Kunstimuuseum